Jessica Michibata Engaged To Jenson Button, Engagement Ring Cost Over $400k

With Jessica Michibata engaged to Jenson Button, she's been showing off her huge rock of an engagement ring. It's said to be a five-carat, three stoned large teardrop design diamond set in a diamond-encrusted platinum band. Bling!

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Jenson Button's father passed away last month after suffering a heart attack.

Unlike many celebrity engagement rumors, this news isn't merely a engagement ring sighting where everyone is guessing. While it's true Jessica Michibata was spotted wearing a large diamond engagement ring during a trip to the Arab country of Bahrain, they also made the announcement official, confirming the news to the world.

Jenson Button's girlfriend has been dating him for about five years now. They first met at bar in a Tokyo hotel in 2008 although Michibata originally turned him down since she thought he was just being a womanizer. But he must have been pretty convincing because they began dating eight months later.

Ever since then the Japanese model has been a regular in the stands as a supporter for Button's F1 racing. In 2009 Button even publicly dedicated a race win to his love while on live TV. Their relationship wasn't always lovey-dovey, though. Like many celebrities, their careers have demanding schedules that forced them to be apart for months at a time. They briefly split up at one point only to get back together six months later.

Besides the crazily expensive price, another interesting point is that it's possible Jessica Michibata's engagement ring is just one of two according to Vashi Dominguez, a diamond jewellery specialist:

"This is a stunning engagement ring but a brave choice if Jenson selected it himself.... As the ring is so unusual, we suspect it might be an occasional piece for show rather than being worn every day, as for someone as sporty and active as Jessica the shape and weight is not very practical. It is not unusual for couples to invest in a second, more practical ring when a large stone such as this is purchased, so we may well see Jessica occasionally wearing a more traditional round cut solitaire when in need of something for everyday wear."
Double bling!