Lil Wayne: Childhood Friend ‘Magik’ Lost To A Cop Shooting

Lil Wayne and Mack Maine mourn the loss of a childhood friend in another wrongful cop shooting in New Orleans Sunday morning. Keith “Magik” Atkinson was gunned down Sunday morning by a cop, and the two famous rappers suspect foul play.

The Night before, Atkinson was hanging out with the Young Money crew for Brian Williams, A.K.A Birdman, for his 45th birthday bash. Atkinson was killed when the police were called to investigate a shoplifting incident at a corner store. The info the police had on the suspect’s appearance was that he was wearing a blue shirt, just like Atkinson was, but there were witness claiming that Atkinson was not the thief. However, police officer Jonathan Hirdes, opened fire on who he thought was the suspect.

When cops walked over to Atkinson’s body, they claim they found a stolen.45 caliber gun next to his body. However, it’s still unclear why Hirdes opened fire on Atkinson. The shooting is under investigation in order to determine if it was justified or not.

With Twitter being the way celebrities communicate with the public now, Wayne and Mack Maine tweeted their thoughts on the shooting. Lil Wayne tweeted:

R.I.P 2my homie Magik from my hood, just with him last nite kops killed him this morning, had a drink in his hand, not a gun. dats dat bulls**t.”

Mack Maine tweeted:

Just saw my homey last night hadn’t spoke to him in a minute….today the police killed him…..crazy#RIPMagic”

Atkinson had a criminal past and was actually shot before, and had a limp because of it. Atkinson’s father, Keith Joseph, had made a heartfelt statement regarding the shooting:

“I’m not saying he was an altar boy, but he wasn’t a straight out killer-he wasn’t a criminal,” Joseph said. ” He didn’t deserve what he got. He held up through almost 40 surgeries, to lose his life at the hands of a police officer. I don’t think its justice. Its not right.”

Shootings like these are what causes big controversial debates, such as the Trayvon Martin shooting. Plus with celebrities like Lil Wayne, and Mack Maine getting involved in these issues, a lot more opinions on the matter blow up these incidents into a media frenzy. The case is currently under investigation, but for now Mack Maine, Lil Wayne, and his Young Money crew are currently mourning the loss of their friend with Atkinson’s family.