Verizon Wireless Is Now The Destination For Cell Phone Plans With Their New Data Add?

Verizon Wireless has the best coverage nationwide than any other cell phone service in the country, and they know it. Which is why their cell phone plans can be high. I am not one to hate on Verizon though, as they are at least trying to be a better service. On top of that, they do indeed have the best coverage in America and it is truly not just a slogan.

Verizon has now decided that it would be a brilliant idea to add data to the cells of their contract customers. This is a way for them to keep bringing in people while also making current customers happy I suppose. Here is the skinny of what the entire plan entails:

For Storage: Each customer will now get 25 gigabytes of cloud storage. Previously, this type of storage would cost around $2.99 a month.

For Messaging: Unlimited international messaging, including pictures and video.

When it comes to discounts: Customers with the “Edge” plan, which allows faster upgrades but requires paying the full price of the phone, will be eligible for a monthly discount of up to $20.

The deal does not seem like a bad one, in fact, it’s possibly making fans of Verizon quite happy as it does save a little bit of money. The issue with it still is the price for a contract. You might get a lot for what you see, but due to the rise of non-contract plans like Straight Talk,Verizon sadly will be seeing customers leave if they are unable to bring prices down.

The average price for unlimited everything is about $80 for Verizon. For unlimited everything with Straight Talk, it’s about $50. For International rates with Straight Talk, you only see about a $10-15 increase for their cell phone plan. Meaning there is still a savings of $10-30 without question.

So really, is Verizon doing enough to keep customers when a place like Straight Talk can still use their towers for a Verizon phone and pay less for it? Sure, the data increase helps and discounts are great. Is that enough to keep Verizon customers however? It seems not.

The same can be said with AT&T, who have a non-contract plan in their service. It is also $50 a month and largely offers the same thing Straight Talk does for it’s carriers with a few differences.While you do still have to buy an AT&T phone to use this service AND there is no international coverage, it is helpful for the American citizen who does not plan to use a cell outside of the USA.

Only with a contract can you see International coverage with AT&T it seems. While Verizon has had pre-paid cell phone plans in the past, and still carries them, there is a lot of hoops to jump through. And it has no comparison to what other services provide. At times, Verizon only allowed for you to pick unlimited talk or unlimited text for your card. Meaning you had to pick which you did more. All of this combined has scared some people off of using the service while others enjoy it.

The deal for AT&T and Verizon as well as any other cell phone service has always been to lock you into a contract. This has made many unhappy for years. Now we have the fact that the non-contract plans have had similar coverage at $30-40 cheaper; it starts to make you really wonder why the contracts are still in play for the big 4 cell companies.

The major cell companies have decided to add “family plans” to their rates so that money can be saved. So it seems all are trying to stay alive in the cell phone race. Cell phone plans that Verizon or others offer, even with better data may not be enough for the average Joe to sign a contract with them. Today, it’s all about saving money.

Contracts may save money in some ways, but it’s just not enough to mean anything for many. If you could save $30-40 a month just by switching services and you knew your coverage would be similar, would you do it? I know I would. This is why the added family plan for the major services will be helpful to their bottom line, because they know people will go for something like this over a contract.

It seems that the average cell phone plan has been changed, which is making cell phone services angry. Yet it makes the customer happy, and really, aren’t we the one’s that count most anyway?