One Direction Release Controversial ‘Midnight Memories’ Music Video

Popular boy band One Direction recently released their music video for “Midnight Memories”. Do you hear that? That is the sound of every teen girl going crazy all at the same time. The music video already has over 20 million views on YouTube, and that number is expected to climb.

So why is the video making headlines? There is some controversy involved in the video that have sent some over the edge. Meanwhile the majority of us couldn’t care less.

The Midnight Memories video starts with the boys handing out at a party that’s dead…you know, how we all end up as teens on a Friday night. Suddenly however, the DJ puts on Midnight Memories, and the party then begins. This is obviously how things work in real life…I mean we’ve seen it happen in so many videos. This obviously means it can happen in real life. Although I tried it once and nothing changed. A camera was not present, that must have been the problem.

I assume it is not a good thing to make fun of another person’s performance or video when clearly it can be done with your own, but I do digress.

In any case, the video begins harmlessly. However the entire video basically goes over what happened at midnight, and the memories made from this. Wow, it’s like they should have named the song something similar, right?

According to the people who keep useless stats, the boys from One Direction broke the law at least 7-9 times in their music video. Obviously when you make a music video, you need to abide by the laws darn it!

The issue with all of this is, why the heck are we caring about laws being broken in a music video?

How many music videos have broken laws? Heck, you can see drug and alcohol use out the wazoo for several of them. And we’re suddenly going to push buttons over a boy band breaking London laws for a video aptly named “Midnight Memories”?

Maybe it’s my care meter that is inactive, I’m not so sure.

Most negative responses are coming from parent rights groups or random bloggers online who have nothing better to do with their time. Obviously when looking at music videos, Midnight Memories is far from scandalous in comparison to others. However, you will always find people who like to put down something just to put it down. Oh well, at least the One Direction fans liked it. Really, that was the goal anyway. I’m sure a new album release potentially will make the world scream more than this did however.

Check out the video below: