Google Glass Has Fashion-focused Competition In New Icis Glasses [Video]

Google Glass has been hailed as groundbreaking technology, offering its users a wearable computer, but many have voiced concerns over the bulky, geeky look that wearing Google Glass provides. In a nutshell, Google Glass gives users a futuristic technological experience with an optical head-mounted display that is the equivalent of a 25-inch High Def screen. It also boasts a 5MP camera, 16 gigs of user memory and can keep users connected via WiFi or Bluetooth. The downside? Critics say that users look like an idiot wearing them.

In answer to those who like the Google Glass concept but aren’t enthusiastic about the look, Laforge has created Icis glasses, wearable technology that is designed to look like regular specs. The computer and display are hidden and are much less obvious to others when wearing them out and about. Google did recently launch a line of designer frames that work with its computer, and also put out its own guide to wearing Google Glass successfully in work and social situations.

Like Google Glass, Icis glasses give the user a camera, a speaker and a mic, but offers a display right in the wearer’s line of sight that provides updates from email, text and Facebook accounts, just to name a few. Essentially, notifications on the user’s smartphone are converted into widgets that display right in the lenses of Icis glasses. Icis is hoping to carve a niche for themselves by offering a variety of fashion-forward frames to suit different people, all with the same smart glass technology inside the lenses.

Icis glasses offer different modes within the technology. For example, the “At Home” mode offers all of the user’s social media updates, such as Facebook and Twitter. Another mode designed for wearing the glasses during exercise is called “Active.” It supplies information from fitness apps as widgets in the lenses and limits social networking notifications. There is also a mode for driving, which can assist the driver with navigation.

Image Source: Wikipedia