Another set of Twins for Angelina Jolie? Do I hear a bid for triplets?

Further to reports we covered in November that actress Angelina Jolie is pregnant a new report suggests that America’s most famous baby making and adopting machine is trying to conceive another two.

The report attributed to Star Magazine (which we still cant see because they georetard their site) has
Angelina reportedly taking prenatal vitamins, visiting her ob-gyn and undergoing secret fertility treatments.

“Angie’s doctors told her that she has a strong chance of conceiving twins if she does it within two years after having her first pair,” a friend reveals. “She’s been seeing a fertility doctor regularly. She and Brad are monitoring when she’s fertile. And they’re trying really hard in the bedroom!”

And Angie’s conception secrets are supposedly yams! “A friend told her that yams and orange juice will increase her chances [of getting pregnant with twins],” says the pal.