Burger King Goes Even Bigger Than the Big Mac!!

Burger King wants to ensure that we don’t leave their restaurants feeling hungry, or that we’re able to keep to those pesky New Year’s resolutions about losing weight! If imitation is the highest form of flattery, than Burger King must really like McDonald’s. The burger war No. 2, BK, has recently announced that its Big King burger will be bigger than the Big Mac. For those of you keeping score at home, the Big King is an almost exact replica of the Big Mac, except that it’s burgers are fire grilled, and now they are even bigger!

“The size of the former Big King patties is proprietary,” said one of Burger King’s representatives. However, Burger King reps confirm that the Big King will now have.8 ounces more beef than its “arch” rival. The best part of this marketing push is that the price of the Big King will remain the same, even though it is becoming significantly larger. The Big King currently costs $3.69, compared to the Big Mac, which weighs in at a wallet busting $4.62 nationwide.

Copying McDonald’s menu is nothing new for Burger King. BK would likely respond that they are making similar items to McDonald’s, but that Burger King is making them better. Burger King has modified their french fries to make them more “McDonald’s-like”, while making them with less calories. McDonald’s has the McRib Sandwich, so Burger King introduced its BBQ Rib Sandwich. Additionally, Burger King introduced a chipotle chicken wrap, around the same time the McWrap was introduced.

Alex Macedo, president of Burger King North America, told USA Today:

At Burger King, we know that size matters. This allows us to give even more value.

Macedo went on to say that test marketing of the new, bigger version of the Big King in South Florida at approximately 200 restaurants showed a 10% improvement in guest satisfaction ratings. McDonald’s likely will fight back against this latest attack by Burger King. Currently, in some markets customers can purchase a second Big Mac for a penny, after buying the first at regular price.

Not to be too hard on Burger King, as an industry expert says that even the historic Big Mac is a knock off!

The Mac is itself a homage to the Big Boy burger that was introduced in 1937 by the original Bob of Bob’s Big Boy. Imitation is the name of the game in the fast food industry.

Can the Big King ever overtake the beloved market leader, the Big Mac? The Mac has been the top burger in America since it went national in 1968, and is known as the most famous burger in fast food history. Burger King hopes that with more meat, combined with a lower price, it will be more than enough to lure consumers away from the Golden Arches and into the neighborhood Burger King.