Heidi Klum And Seal: Are They Back Together Or Not?

Heidi Klum and Seal are not back together, despite rumors which circulated last month in the media that they were.

After Heidi’s recent break up from her boyfriend, Martin Kristen, some anonymous sources suggested that the Heidi and Seal, who were divorced in 2012, were an item again.

Seal’s official representative told E! News: “Seal and Heidi have not reunited as a couple.” Despite that statement the Australian publication, TheFix, reported earlier in the week that Klum and Seal were spending time together because of their four kids, and the old flames were re-kindled.

The rep added, “Their children will always be their priority, and their focus remains on co-parenting.”

It was reported that the reason for Heidi Klum’s break up with Kristen, her former bodyguard, was simply that the spark had gone from the relationship. It had no connection with her getting back with Seal.

Heidi doesn’t seem too bothered by the rumors either way and she seems to have already moved on. She was spotted at the famous Bootsy Bellows in Hollywood kissing none other than Demi Moore’s ex, Vito Schnabel.

An eyewitness who actually saw the kiss told reporters:

“Heidi was acting like a teenager. I guess being with a younger guy was making her act like she was in high school. She was kissing his face all over as they enjoyed drinks with friends.

“They hardly left the booth — they just sat next to each other, touching from the shoulder down, laughing and flirting and making out.”

So — according to that eyewitness account — Heidi Klum and Seal wouldn’t appear to be back together as previously reported. On the other hand what about the Australian report which suggested they were back together?

Could it be that Heidi is back with Seal and seeing Vito Schnabel too? We’ll leave you to form your own conclusions on that one.