Nicki Minaj Discusses Her Writing Process, Working With Young Thug

Nicki Minaj often pushes herself to the absolute limit when it’s time to write a rhyme.

The rapper is putting together The Pink Print, an album that’s expected to arrive later this year. Minaj, who described the record as “classic,” recently sat down with DJ Drama to discuss everything from writing to Young Thug to the controversy surrounding her new track “Lookin A** N****.”

When it comes to penning songs, Nicki Minaj doesn’t hold anything back. To prove to everyone that she’s a considerable force in the world of hip hop, the rapper pours her heart and soul into these endeavors. Minaj doesn’t mess around when it comes to music, even when she’s just lending a few verses to a collaboration.

“Sometimes I’ll push myself to another limit. On the YG verse, I rewrote that a couple times, and i felt like that was really perfected,” the rapper explained.

Minaj added, “For the ‘Danny Glover’ joint, I didn’t feel like I perfected it. I didn’t rewrite bars and have a lot of ether lines in there in my opinion. So i was like ‘ehh’ ain’t anybody gonna pay it no mind, but I’mma put it out anyway. Sure enough, everyone was going crazy over it.”

Nicki apparently has nothing but love for Young Thug. In addition to discussing her writing process and the controversy surrounding her latest release, the rapper took a moment to explain why she’s such a fan of YT.

“I love his melodies, and just his rawness. The nigga said, ‘I f*** my b****’s buddies.’ I was like this n**** is on another level. He’ll just say the most reckless shit,” she explained to DJ Drama.

Regarding “Lookin A** N****,” Nicki Minaj feels there’s something very wrong with your as a human being if you don’t enjoy the track. In fact, you’re probably hiding something shady from the rest of the world.

She explained:

“If you b****in’ about this song, somethin’ ain’t right, because all my real n****s textin’ me lie, ‘Yo, I’m so glad you gettin’ these n****s’ asses!’ I’m talkin’ about n****s that really move weight, you know what I’m sayin’? I dunno, if you’ve got a problem with it, you guilty of somethin'”

Unfortunately, Nicki Minaj hasn’t set a proper release date for The Pink Print as of this writing. However, fans can probably rest assured that the record should drop in the very near future.