Hyundai Santa Fe Topping Reviews

The Hyundai Santa Fe has developed some momentum over the past couple years as the perfect crossover car for those of us looking for a mid-sized SUV. With a roomy interior and decent gas mileage, this car quickly got the reputation as an all-around good-guy people-pleaser. But this year’s model of the Hyundai Santa Fe has been grabbing a lot more spotlight recently, and not the “Stable Stanley” kind of spotlight.

Aside from the attention it has gathered from Walking Dead fans across the states, Hyundai has been turning heads with the improvements both in the cabin and what’s under the hood. While Hyundai has been making an effort to up its aesthetic appeal by increasing interior comfort and luxury, the real crowd pleaser has been the roaring V6 engine now tucked away in the three-row model of the Santa Fe. Featured first on its list of improvements, Hyundai Usa compares the Santa Fe’s new powerful horsepower against the top speeds of other vehicles, with Hyundai coming out in the lead. They also do not forget to highlight the other improvements the Santa Fe has acquired, all of which appear to be topping the abilities of competing mid-sized SUV’s as well.

However it’s not just the flashy new features that are causing this uproar. The Hyundai Santa Fe has received exceptional ratings in safety and performance this year. US News ranked the Santa Fe number 4 out of 22 this year in mid-sized SUV’s, and not just for the flashy new dashboard. The Hyundai Santa Fe received a 9.7 safety rating and an 8.2 overall rating, high scores for any class of vehicle. But the hype of its safety may be overplayed. Despite its new airbags and smooth riding, the Hyundai Santa Fe can’t compare to all the safety measures that the Honda Civic Coupe has taken up. As the Washington Post points out, the Honda Civic Coupe is outfitted with emergency communication abilities and traffic monitoring screens, both of which are exceptional preventative measures that the Santa Fe does not have. Its smaller size also makes it less of a roll risk and leaner cars are less of a drain on your wallet. To add to the Coupe’s case, Diamond Honda has announced that The Honda Civic Coupe has received the Kelley Blue Book Brand Image Award for all its impressive features.

Buying a new car is always a hassle, make sure you are making an investment that will not only last but keep you safe. It’s concerns like these that make the Hyundai Santa Fe a persuading option.