True Detective: Matthew McConaughey Up For An Oscar Award

True Detective‘s Matthew McConaughey has had a great year of movie performances. However his latest role in True Detective could win him an Oscar. True Detective is an HBO show McConaughey stars in with Woody Harrelson. Ever since the show premiered it has had solid ratings, and has grown quite the fan base.

Matthew McConaughey’s popularity didn’t start from True Detective. McConaughey’s latest movie Dallas Buyers Club has won him a Golden Globe, Critics Choice, and SAG awards for best actor. McConaughey actually won the Golden Globe the same night his new series True Detective premiered on HBO.

McConaughey deserves to win an Oscar for his performance in Dallas Buyers Club. He had to drop his weight to 146 lbs for this role, and had to keep himself at that weight for duration of filming, which was 6 months. In order to survive he made an eating plan that consisted of Diet Coke, egg whites, and a piece of chicken a day; to keep the stress off he had to find new ways to entertain himself. McConaughey states:

I had to relearn how to entertain myself, because I wasn’t going outside, I wasn’t going to dinner, I wasn’t going to social places. He also said: “I was writing so much more. It ended up being this really fun adventure, Internally.”

Of course dropping so much weight so fast didn’t come without side effects, and at one point he started losing his eyesight. McConaughey believes that losing the weight wasn’t the hardest part, but being able to adjust his lifestyle to it. He also had to lock himself inside his mansion to avoid the sun and maintain the pale complexion his character needed.

This guy needed to be pale, so I didn’t go outside in the sun for six months. In the summer, I gave myself a winter.” McConaughey says.

To go this deep for a role is rare for actors, but this proves how serious of an actor McConaughey has become, and it’s that seriousness that has landed him a role on the hit show True Detective. The Oscars is in two weeks so critics will still have time to see how much better McConaughey gets. This gives him an advantage for winning an Oscar for best male performance.

HBO’s True Detective is HBO’s newest hit, and its due to actors like McConaughey. I’m sure that True Detective will be renewed for other seasons, but before the show started airing, they announced each season will be about different Detectives. The way Matthew McConaughey popularity is rising, HBO might want to consider keeping him on for future seasons of True Detective.

Tune in to the Oscars on March 2nd to see if True Detective does help Matthew McConaughey win an Oscar.