Katy Perry Says She’s A Control Freak

There’s rumors swirling that Katy Perry is currently engaged to her beau John Mayer, but aside from that a fun fact is cropping up about the “Roar” singer. Perry apparently admitted that she is a complete and total control freak. It’s not all too surprising to hear that Perry sees herself as a control freak. Some musicians have that quality, and at times it can be seen as somewhat of a “pro” instead of a “con” especially in the music industry.

Perry opened up to Ryan Seacrest on his radio show and admitted that being pulled in different directions can bring out a certain side of herself.

“I’m actually building stamina right now [for the tour.] It kicks off in May… it goes from May 2014 until probably summer 2015… we are kicking it off in the UK and then we come to the U.S. all summer long.”

Perry continued to describe what planning a tour entails, which leads to her sometimes crazy thought process.

“I’m in the middle of all the different plans and costumes and there are so many fun parts of the show. There’s about five or six sections and one of my favourite sections is the… ‘Cat-ture’ section [like couture]… you know me, queen of cats… it’s so fun, visual, and vibrant.”

Of her single “Dark Horse” becoming a massive hit, Perry can’t wrap her mind around how popular it has become, mostly because, the singer admits, it was never meant to be a single off of her new Prism album. So, the fact that it’s receiving so much love is a bit out of the norm for Perry.

“It’s so crazy because we never planned for this to be a single and we never knew it would have this kind of attention on it. I was all up in the ‘Unconditionally’ world and excited to be doing a ballad and then all of a sudden the demand for this song started rising and it was literally a dark horse… I’m such a control freak and I like to plan out everything. I was like, ‘Wait, what’s happening?'”

Perry also got on the topic of Twitter seeing as she’s the most popular Tweeter out there. Her followers have amassed to 50 million, making her the most followed person in the Twitterverse.

“It’s really terrifying sometimes. Can you imagine if my butt tweets itself? Or honestly to tell you the truth, I’m double checking, like don’t tweet that picture.”

Looks like Katy Perry is having a successful year whether or not she’s trying to control it.