‘Game Of Thrones’ Actor Clive Mantle Opens Up About Losing His Ear During Assault

Game of Thrones actor Clive Mantle recently opened up about the bloody attack that destroyed his ear.

The acclaimed actor was staying at the Newcastle Travelodge during his stint in The Ladykillers last year when the incident took place. The Inquisitr previously reported that the attack occurred after he asked a few people to keep quiet.

Instead of telling the Game of Thrones alum to mind his own business, the suspects reportedly attacked Mantle. During the fray, one of the culprits allegedly bit into the actor’s ear and ripped part of it off.

Although the assault took place last year, Clive Mantle recently appeared in court to discuss the situation. According to Sky News, 33-year-old Philip McGilvray and 32-year-old Alan French stand accused of attacking Mantle during their stay at the hotel.

The Game of Thrones actor told the court that he felt the urge to fight back against his assailants after he felt one of them take a chunk out of his ear. The incident reportedly went down while he was heading to the reception desk to complain.

“Immediately, my arms were caught. I had one man on each arm and I couldn’t free myself. It was then that a tussle, a jostle, and me trying to free myself, turned into a melee. I think in total there were about 15 blows, of which only four hurt,” he said.

As the fight escalated, Mantle was wrestled to the ground by the attackers. At one point while he was pinned, one of the guys started biting his ear.

Mantle continued, “The next thing I was aware of was a pain in my left ear which triggered a massive response within me. The adrenaline it gave me enabled me to rip my right hand away. The only thing I could do is put my thumb in his eye socket to make him release.”

The actor said he was later rescued by a nurse who was staying at the hotel that evening. Although the pair did their best to keep the suspects from fleeing, they ultimately managed to escape. Mantle had already retrieved his destroyed ear at this point.

“I had my ear in my left hand, I got back to my room and she put it in a glass of water to preserve it, so they would be able to re-attach it. We found a plastic cup in the bathroom and she put water in it and she put my ear in water,” he told the court.

Unfortunately, putting the ear inside the cup of water was a bad idea. This ultimately “compromised” the tissue which prevented doctors from reattaching it. Mantle reportedly showed off the damage done to his ear to the court.

McGilvray and French said they were merely defending themselves from the Game of Thrones actor when his ear was bitten off. Mantle said more plastic surgery is currently required to repair the damage. The case against the two alleged assailants is still underway.