‘The Walking Dead’ Star Michael Cudlitz Talks About Abraham’s Violent Tendencies

The Walking Dead recently added a few new characters to the show’s cast of post-apocalyptic survivors.

Before we continue, let’s discuss spoilers. The article you’re about to read could ruin the recent episode of AMC’s popular series if you’re not caught up. Before learning a bit about one of the show’s latest additions, take a moment to watch Sunday’s installment. When you’ve finished, carve out some time to pay us a visit.

Those who made it to the end of The Walking Dead this week learned that three new characters are possibly making their way into the story. Former Southland star Michael Cudlitz, who pays a mustachioed stranger named Abraham, recently discussed what fans can expect from his character.

During his recent conversation with TV Guide, Cudlitz gave fans some insight into how Abraham operates in the Walking Dead universe. According to the actor, this character isn’t someone who wastes his time messing around with others.

“When we meet Abraham, one of the things that we realize most about him is that he’s very mission-oriented at this point. You’re not going to learn a lot about how he emotionally feels about things necessarily. He’s very reactive. He keeps his eye on the target. He’s not to be f***ed with. He will kill you,” Cudlitz explained.

He added, “He doesn’t give a s***. That’s not really a concern, how he fits into anyone else’s group. He has his mission, and his mission is the only focus and the only thing that is important and the only thing that has any meaning right now.”

Chances are fans of The Walking Dead will tune in next week to see how Abraham and his cohorts fit in with the rest of the survivors. Considering the show continues to post strong ratings, it’s doubtful folks will start tuning out now.

According to the Los Angeles Times, AMC’s zombie-oriented series pulled in 13.3 million viewers during Sunday evening’s episode. Although the Winter Olympics generated more traffic overall — 21.3 million people tuned into the sporting event — The Walking Dead snagged more folks in the coveted 18 to 49 demographic.

However, the recent installment of the gory drama was down a bit from last week’s entry. The mid-season premiere generated approximately 16 million viewers, though AMC suggested that DVR fanatics likely accounted for an additional four million.

Are you a fan of The Walking Dead? Do you plan to tune in next week to see how Abraham and the new characters fit into the storyline?