Buccaneers New Helmet And Logo For 2014 Unveiled

The Buccaneers new helmet and logo, set to greet their new coach and general manager for 2014, is about to be unveiled. Warren Sapp, a commentator on the NFL Network,was very excited to break the news of the new look to fans. But don’t get too excited, the new look hasn’t yet been revealed to the public

Sapp chose Twitter as his “mode de communication” to tell fans the exciting news: “New @TBBuccaneers helmet coming for 2014! Wait til you see this thing!!” he tweeted on Tuesday.

Just a few short minutes passed before Twitter followers were treated to another Tweet from the Bucs’ official Twitter account, asking them: “What do you think of the upcoming unveiling of an updated helmet and logo #Bucs fans?”

All the Tweets, which were aimed at increasing the suspense ahead of the new helmet unveiling, certainly got the fans excited – but is it time for an image change?

It is common for NFL teams to change their uniforms and logos from time to time, but the changes don’t come quickly. A two-year process of market research, computer simulation, input from uniform experts, and from companies such as Nike, happen before any drastic changes are made.

The Buccaneers’ new helmet is long overdue according to some fans, especially since it hasn’t been updated since 1997. Remember the old “Bucco Bruce” kit in all its creamsicle glory? The more modern red with the pirate flag was a refreshing change to that.

The new helmets and look coincide nicely with the arrival of Tony Dungy’s protege, Lovie Smith, at the Bucs, and will be kind of a new start to boost them into next season. According to Sapp you’ll have to tune in to the NFL Network on Thursday night at 8 to the Buccaneers new helmet and look.