Kate Middleton Pregnant: Duchess Reportedly Having A Girl, Will Name Her Diana

Kate Middleton is reportedly pregnant, and has plans to honor her husband’s family with baby number two’s name.

There is still no confirmation of the news, but sources say that the pregnancy wasn’t exactly in Kate’s immediate plans. Though she has expressed a desire to have three children within five years, Middleton reportedly wasn’t interested in going through another difficult pregnancy so soon after Prince George was born.

But nature had other plans. The February 24 issue of Globe Magazine reported that Kate Middleton learned in the last few months that she was pregnant with baby number two.

This is not the first time that pregnancy rumors have circulated around Kate Middleton and Prince William. At the end of 2013, reports emerged that Kate found out she was pregnant, and was about three months along.

The report from Star Magazine added that Kate’s first trimester of the pregnancy was going much smoother than the first time around, when she suffered a severe form of morning sickness and had to be hospitalized for dehydration. The report noted that the duchess was seen twice within a week stepping out with what witnesses say appears to be a baby bump.

The news was bolstered by the fact that Kate and William seemed to be having an easier time with Prince George, who is reportedly easygoing.

Kate has publicly praised his behavior before, though said he does have some typical baby moments.

“He was such a good boy actually. We were very lucky, he’s not always like that,” Kate said after his christening.

Though there have been previous rumors that Kate Middleton is pregnant, the latest report was heavy on details. The source told the Globe that Kate is pretty far along —- far enough to know that she’s having a girl. The source added that Kate has already gone to Queen Elizabeth for her approval to name the baby Diana, after Prince William and Prince Harry’s mother.