Cristiano Ronaldo Unhappy About Suspension, Real Madrid Wins 3-0

Crisitano Ronaldo is unhappy about his three game suspension — of which he has already served two games — but that didn’t prevent his team, Real Madrid, to win 3-0 against Getafe on Sunday.

“Los Blancos” have done extremely well without their star, thank you very much, and some believe Manager Carlo Ancelotti will have a difficult time shuffling things around when the Portuguese striker returns to the field.

Ancelotti told reporters:

“He isn’t happy, because he wants to play every game. He played well against Atletico Madrid, and now has three days off.”

“We submitted our appeal on Tuesday and we’re waiting for the [Spanish Sports Disciplinary] Committee’s answer. It’s strange.”

The suspension has prevented the Ballon d’Or winner from joining his teammates against Villareal and Getafe.

The good news is that Real Madrid has come through, to calm weary fans who surely saw disaster written all over after the penalty was handed down.

But not too many teams around can, so nonchalantly, move on and continue to perform at the level they are used to, when losing one of their biggest stars. Cristiano Ronaldo will complete his three-game suspension after the match against Elche.

Real Madrid without Cristiano Ronaldo this season: 6 games, 5 wins, 1 draw. No problem.

— SocialRMadrid (@SocialRMadrid) February 16, 2014

David Beckham wants Cristiano Ronaldo as his first glamour signing for his new football team in Miami. (The Sun)

— SocialRMadrid (@SocialRMadrid) February 16, 2014

In Ronaldo’s absence, Jesse Rodriguez proved that he can step it up as have Gareth Bale and Karim Benzema. Real Madrid has proven it has the needed depth to carry on without Cristiano Ronaldo.

And they must, if they want to keep up with Barca, who won 6-0 on Saturday and retains the top spot in La Liga. Of course, the fact that Ronaldo’s arch-rival Lionel Mesi plays for Barcelona is incentive enough to dethrone them.

Three more points left Real Madrid with 60 points with 14 games to be played. Barcelona is first on goal difference, but “los blancos” are undefeated in 24 games.

Last week Cristiano Ronaldo scored two goals in the Semifinal of the Copa del Rey — which is not part of the suspension — and led his team to the final, more times than any other team in the history of the tournament.

Cristiano Ronaldo now also holds the unique record of scoring a goal in each minute of a match, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

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