Obama Approves True Detective

True Detective” is currently HBO’s most popular show, and it even has the attention of President Barack Obama. This Weekend Obama is scheduled to be going to Sunnylands, which is the Anneberg estate in Rancho Mirage, California. Obama won’t be alone of course; he will be attending a three day trip with King Abdullah II of Jordan. In his down time Obama says he is going to be relaxing, and trying to catch up on his favorite TV shows, True Detective and Game of Thrones.

Pres. Obama had approached the HBO Chief Executive Richard Pleper at a state dinner at the White house this past Tuesday night. The President asked Pleper, “Where is my True Detective and Game of Thrones.” The President suggested that this weekend is going to be a good time for him to watch the shows. In response to Pres. Obama’s request, Pleper had talked to the assistants of Pres. Obama, and gave them instructions on how to get the DVDs of True Detective and Game of Thrones to the President.

Of course, Obama being the President of the United States will most likely get him the whole first season of True Detective, which hasn’t even finished airing on television now, but not only that, Obama will get some episodes of the coming season of Game Of Thrones which airs on April 6th on HBO.

If you haven’t started watching True Detective, you are missing out! The show is currently in the middle of the first season, and has only aired four episodes. The night the show premiered, they were against the Golden Globes, but the show held its own with 2.3 million viewers. The shows debut was the biggest since HBO’s Boardwalk Empire in 2010.

I’m sure you can tell by the title, True Detectives is about detectives looking into a mystery case. The two main characters on the show is Matthew McConaughey, and Woody Harrelson. The show is about a very strange murder case that puts two detectives together that couldn’t be more opposite from each other. The show does start off really slow, but don’t all the best shows? Eventually it does build up, and it’s definitely worth the wait when it does, judging by the ending of their last episode.

True Detective is HBO’s newest show and it stars two great actors. Don’t miss out on the show everyone is watching, including President Barack Obama. True Detective airs Sunday nights @ 9 pm on HBO.

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