Ariana Grande’s Cute Houndstooth Shorts Can Be Yours For Only $33

Ariana Grande has shown us how to be cute and sexy at the same time. At her young age of only 20 years, she’s shown off her impressive pipes and sophisticated if still cute attitude, and now she’s showing off her style. Her adorable houndstooth shorts are cut up-to-there, but paired with some cute high heels, you can wear this style easily–if you’ve got the legs to wear them.

Grande’s tiny frame looks cute and stylish at the same time in a pair of the teeny-tiny shorts she scored from Japanese streetwear brand GYDA. She paired them perfectly with a cute crop top and sky-high heels. The shorts are very short, but their high waist gives the illusion of longer shorts, longer legs and better coverage. If you have great legs, these are the shorts for you. They also have the added bonus of making petite ladies like tiny Grande look a little taller–although, of course, the high heels help too.

The shorts are cute for winter–remember, in parts of America they’re getting buried in snow–but can be worn all year round. It’s warm enough for bare legs and high heels in California, but even those in New York can get by with these cute winter-inspired houndstooth shorts that bring to mind hot cocoa by the fire. Add some cute knit or lined tights and winter boots, and a sweater up top, and you’re good to go. They’re less risky than a skirt, because we all know how those winter winds can get carried away, but still as versatile. And they’re perfect for a skate session, especially if you fall down a lot.

Grande’s style has never been called into question, although she has changed up her look a bit since debuting her hit song “The Way.” She’s starting to trade her cute little-girl outfits for more sophisticated duds, although with her big eyes, petite stature and signature huge curls, she can still certainly pull of the sweet little girl look. Not all of us can do that, but just about anyone can wear these shorts with the right accessories. And did we mention the best part–they’re only $33! Not your average wallet-buster seen on famous celebrities, these shorts can be yours for only a few bucks, leaving you plenty of cash to buy tights, shoes, a sweater, a jacket or anything else you want to accessorize them and make this look your own.