THQ Shuts Down Homefront Developer Kaos Studios

THQ announced today that Kaos Studios, who you may know as the developers of the recent Homefront for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, is being shut down.

THQ’s official announcement was preempted when Kaos employee Zach Wilson tweeted: “That’s what i’m hearing, that Kaos is shutting down, details to come. Most of the devs already have jobs with new studios anyways.”

Additionally, THQ confirmed that the company’s UK-based studio, THQ Digital Warrington, is also being shut down. This all part of a move on THQ’s part to make a “strategic realignment within its internal studio structure.” Yeah, I don’t quite know what that means, either.

The official statement doesn’t outright say it, but one can imagine that this has something to do with Homefront‘s relatively poor reception. The game did manage to sell over one million copies, to be fair, but it ultimately failed to hold the attention of gamers and received lukewarm, at best, reception from critics.

via vg247, Game Informer