Justin Bieber's Mom In Hiding From Public, 'Everyone Is Judging Her'

Justin Bieber's mom Pattie Mallette is said to be so overwhelmed by her son's controversies and a sense that "everyone is judging her" as a bad parent, that she is reportedly "in hiding" from the public.

This news came as a shock to IQ as it follows a source interview published Wednesday by E! News that didn't mention anything about Pattie going into hiding.

But, it does becomes clearer.

In the report, an insider close to Pattie made a number of statements explaining that she was "genuinely concerned for Justin" amid the legal challenges engulfing him.

The source affirmed Mallette's continued support, but said she isn't blinkered about some of the questionable examples of his behavior, which now sees the star facing an alleged assault charge in Canada, a trio of charges from a DUI arrest in Miami Beach, and a possible third charge pending in a house-egging case in Los Angeles, of which Bieber is accused.

"As any mom of an adult child, Pattie is holding him close and talking to him about everything but she can't make his decisions for him," E! were told.

It was then revealed Mallette is finding to hard to cope with strangers accusing her of either "endorsing or enabling" Justin's acting out, or slamming her if she is not "with her own child in a time like this."

Again, nothing was mentioned about hiding.

However, in E!'s report one of the quotes contained an ellipsis [...] suggesting missing text. A later Hollyscoop video report revealed the new development in the ongoing Bieber drama.

Continuing from the source's reveal that Pattie had "serious discussions" with the 19-year-old after his DUI arrest and will "never make excuses for her famous son," Hollyscoop's host added the insider, said:

"However, she [Pattie] is finding it hard to be out in public since everyone is judging her."

Mother and Son, Justin Biever And Pattie Mallette

So there you have it.

It seems the very likeable Mallette - and she is likeable, she does tremendous work for those in need - is experiencing a combination of her own unwillingness to put herself in situations where she has to defend her son, and her recognition that she has and is being blamed in many quarters.

As a result, she's effectively in hiding.

At one point in E!'s report, the source said, Mallette would "never do anything to bring harm to Justin," which was probably a reference to claims that she allegedly provided Bieber with the anti-anxiety drug Xanax.

The single mom has also been criticized for a seemingly over-tolerant parenting style. But, both parents did rush to their son's side in Panama, Central America, where he fled after his DUI arrest.

The simple fact is, no-one actually knows how Pattie - or Bieber's father Jeremy, although he appears to have rather more to explain - guide their son day to day.

We get soundbites added to often clearly sensationalized reporting in tabloid and sometimes regular press, and we think we know their lives. But we don't.

Just as the hate leveled at Bieber is out of control, perhaps we should also think of the two other people affected by those attacks - his parents. Because it's one of the toughest jobs going, and under media scrutiny must be horrific.

In one of the strongest statement yet to her critics, the insider told E! Pattie will not "turn on" Justin "for the approval or opinion of the world."