Kendall Jenner Flaunts Breasts For New York Fashion Week, Khloe Kardashian Defends Sister From ‘Skank’ Criticism

An unrecognisable Kendall Jenner flaunted her breasts at New York Fashion Week, as the 18-year-old wore a see-thru top with nude make-up for Marc Jacobs’ Fall 2014 runway collection.

The daughter of Bruce and Kris Jenner looked every inch a professional as she sauntered in front of the crowd wearing just a sheer plunging V neck jumper and three quarter length trousers.

As you would expect, her family were overjoyed with Kendall’s success. Her older half-sister Khloe posted a picture of her kin alongside the caption, “My baby sister killed it today walking in the Marc Jacobs fashion show!!! Kenny you are so dope to me!!! Congrats my baby!!! #NYFW #MarcJabobs #ProudSis.”

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian also echoed her younger sister’s comments by writing on her Instragram, “Proudest sister ever!!!! I love watching you live your dream! #MarcJacobs #NYFW.”

However, not everybody was pleased with Kendall’s brazen display of her body, and after a tirade of “haters” criticised her sister, Khloe took it upon herself to defend her.

Some of the abuse aimed towards Kendall included, “OMG get a bra, no need to dress like a skank geez (sic),” while another wrote, “Kendall Jenner walked the Marc Jacobs show tonight. Personally, I think this is the worst thing to ever happen.”

Khloe took no prisoners by writing back, “She’s too dope for you 2 understand! Y’all would trade places with her in a second! The hate is real! Lol bye haters!” She then added, “Basic bi***** NOT wanted.”

Khloe went on to note, “Oops I keep forgetting I’m supposed to be on my ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ ish…. But I can’t pass up a good rant.”

After the original user who lambasted Kendall tried to quell the situation by telling Khloe, “we’re not hating Khloe, she needs to cover up she doesn’t need to dress like that [sic],” Khloe responded by explaining, “Its a fashion show. She doesn’t choose! #Clueless.”

In the past, Kendall has always insisted that she wants to be known as a model, rather than a reality TV star.

She previously admitted to V Magazine, “I don’t think some people take me very seriously. When I started off, I was way more of a personality in modelling and it wasn’t like, what I wanted to be. I want to be more editorial, but hopefully I’ll just prove myself.”

Kendall also confirmed in the same interview that at some point she will probably have to give up starring in the reality show to concentrate on her career. Something that probably won’t please her mother.

What did you think of Kendall Jenner’s runway attire?