Miley Cyrus No Longer Has The Desire To Act, ‘Hannah Montana’ Reunion Unlikely

If you were hoping that Miley Cyrus would reprise her role as Hannah Montana at some point in the near future, then you might want to say goodbye to those hopes and dreams.

Once upon a time, the “Wrecking Ball” singer was known more for her stint on the Disney series than for her skills in the recording studio. Now that she’s selling tons of records all over the world, it appears that acting is very low on her list of priorities.

During her chat with Vogue Germany — which included photos inspired by late Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe — Miley Cyrus revealed that she’s no longer interested in pursuing an acting career. Hannah Montana fans who had their fingers crossed for a reunion are probably going to bed depressed tonight.

“I’m just not passionate about acting, because I don’t like to pretend to be somebody I’m actually not. Why should I put on strange characters? I prefer to show my true colors as the real Miley Cyrus,” the singer told the publication.

It’s probably for the best that Cyrus is taking a break from acting. Her last theatrical release, 2012’s LOL, only generated $46,500 in ticket sales from around 100 theaters when it arrived back in 2012. At the time, many believed the flick signaled the end of her acting career. Perhaps Miley simply saw the writing on the wall.

“It definitely doesn’t bode well for Miley Cyrus’ career. This comes as something of a surprise because ‘The Last Song’ proved that she could be a draw outside of ‘Hannah Montana.’ After this, she’ll have to ditch the family-friendly stuff and go for something a little more edgy if she wants to stay relevant,'” explained at the time.

So Undercover, which bypassed theaters in the US and went straight to home video, is the last cinematic effort on her resume. For the moment, Miley Cyrus seems completely devoted to making the most out of her music career. In fact, she’s hoping to ditch some of the controversy in order to gain a little more respect from the masses.

“Miley is well aware of the controversy that her twerking caused last year and while she is not at all regretful of it, she doesn’t want it to define her concerts. She has written the show herself, it’s like a play and it has a theme but more than anything Miley wants the world to see that she can actually sing,” an anonymous source told The Mirror.

The insider added, “Since June, when twerking became infamous, Miley doesn’t feel that she has always been portrayed as a serious artist but someone who just bends over and behaves in a raunchy manner. She thinks her raw talent has been overshadowed by this and wants to put it right.”

Are you sad that Miley Cyrus is giving up acting? Do you think the singer will ever reprise her role as Hannah Montana?