‘House Of Cards’: Real Congressmen Imitate Fake Congressman Frank Underwood [Video]

House of Cards impressions by real Members of Congress can be seen in this new video in which life imitates art.

This parody video has been released just in time for Season 2 of the Washington-based political drama which premieres on Netflix tomorrow.

Real-life US House of Representatives Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) — Spacey’s counterpart — is the first lawmaker in the video who recites direct-to-camera lines in the style of House of Cards star Kevin Spacey. The fictional politician played by Spacey in the show hails from South Carolina, as do four House members that appear in the video from NowThisNews. Regular viewers will probably realize quickly that the actor is far more convincing than these actual elected officials.

House of Cards is the Emmy-winning Netflix original series starring Spacey as scheming and vengeful US Congressman (and incoming vice president) Francis “Frank” Underwood, who revealingly declares in the Season 2 trailer that in his opinion “democracy is so overrated.” Viewers of the popular show know that Underwood and his equally power-hungry spouse Claire Underwood played by Robin Wright have no intention of limiting their political aspirations to the vice presidency.

In the House of Cards Hollywood/Netflix universe (and perhaps this is wish fulfillment by the producers), Underwood and his fellow ethically challenged Democrats still control the House, while in real life the chamber is under GOP control, and likely will stay that way for some time to come.

As with Season 1, Netflix will release all Season 2 episodes tomorrow in one batch, which could prompt a lot of binge viewing over the weekend, especially for the segment of the US population that might be snowed in.

In its basic premise and certain plot elements, House of Cards is a remake of the BBC miniseries of the same name (and its two follow-ups, To Play the King and The Final Cut). The UK original starred the late Ian Richardson as devious British politician Francis Urquhart who manipulates his way to becoming the country’s prime minister.

Are you a House of Cards fan? Which lawmaker, if any, in the parody video embedded below does the best Frank Underwood impression?