Amber Heard Engaged To Johnny Depp? Is It Confirmed?

Addam Corré

Are Amber Heard and Johnny Depp engaged? The rumors seem to have been confirmed after the celebrity couple were seen at the Wednesday night premiere of Heard's new film Three Days to Kill, ring on finger, and getting intimate.

The hungry paparazzi cameras snapped away at Amber Heard's very visible, very large engagement ring, a ring she has previously hidden when out in public.

The couple strolled down the red carpet, hand-in-hand and did not try to avoid the cameras. They also weren't shy when it came to showing their affection for each other.

Johnny Depp is a notably private actor but, on this occasion, he showed his affection for Amber Heard by giving her a kiss in front of the red carpet cameras, in what a Us Weekly source described as a "very sweet and gentle kiss on the cheek."

"They definitely seem like a happy couple," the source added. "He stared at her with a very proud look on his face and she tossed him some sassy smiles."

Depp might be 23 years older than Amber Heard, but according to some sources it was love at first sight when the pair met in 2011 on the set of The Rum Diary - the movie they were shooting.

Even though they didn't officially begin dating until 2012, mainly due to Depp's fading relationship with Vanessa Paradis, his partner of 14 years, when they did start dating things got pretty serious - fast!

Kevin Costner, Amber Heard's co-star, spoke to People magazine about her and Johnny Depp: "We can't get in the way of love. And that's what they found. How lucky for them!" He said.

For Johnny Depp, more lucky than he would have thought possible.

Amber Heard came out in 2010, at GLAAD's 25th anniversary event. She dated photographer Tasya van Ree from 2008 until 2011.

Speaking about her her sexuality, Amber said, "I don't label myself one way or another — I have had successful relationships with men and now a woman. I love who I love; it's the person that matters.

Lucky Johnny!