Sean Hannity Leaves $5K Tip At Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

Fox News host Sean Hannity left a $5,000 tip at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Washington D.C. according to newly emerged reports

What’s notable is that the tab for Hannity and the others at his table totaled the same amount: $5,000.

Hannity’s party was having such a good time that they reportedly stayed until 2 am even the place usually closes around 11.

Hannity was having dinner with Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty and several GOP luminaries, and TMZ initially reported that the Duck Commander was the generous guest who left the 100 percent tip for the wait staff. TMZ quipped that “Obama recently went to a local burger joint last month and left a 30% tip. Respectable but no contest. See? Republicans don’t have any problems redistributing wealth.

Robertson was in town for the State of the Union speech as the guest of Louisiana Congressman Vance McAllister, a businessman who Robertson endorsed in a special House election.

It turns out that the conservative pundit rather than Robertson picked up the bill, however. “It was actually Hannity who paid the tab and added the $5,000 tip. Hannity knows from service industry work: during college he worked as a dishwasher, bartender and short order cook.”

Also at the table with Hannity and Roberston were US Sen. Ted Cruz, radio talk show host Mark Levin, Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and his wife Callista, and Congresswoman Michelle Bachman.

TheBlaze verified the Hannity $5,000 tip story: “A source at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse confirmed to TheBlaze that it was indeed Sean Hannity who paid the tab and left the generous tip.

Hannity can likely afford this high level of generosity. As The Inqusitr recently reported, he has put his Long Island, New York, mansion up for sale at an asking price of $3.6 million. Hannity vowed to leave New York after Gov. Cuomo bashed so-called extreme conservatives, but it is unclear whether this real estate listing means that Hannity is making an immediate move to low-tax Florida or Texas or just downsizing.

Hannity and dinner guests