Capcom May Go Back to Series’ Roots with Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 5 was a pretty darn good game, in my opinion. As a long-time Resident Evil fan, however, I have to admit that I was a little disappointed with the new focus on action over horror. If you’ve been missing the horror focus yourself, Capcom has some news that may be of some comfort. If you’re on the opposite side of the fence.. well, I suppose this will be bad news.

Speaking with website Rely On Horror, a Capcom representative stated that he agreed with fans and prefers the horror-driven Resident Evil style himself. He went on to suggest that fans itching for more fright than fight will be pleased with the direction Capcom is taking Resident Evil 6.

“We know that a lot of fans want more horror back for the next one, the development team knows that as well and we read a lot of comments, message boards, and ask for feedback, and there was a lot of criticism about RE5′s focus on action,” said the representative. “I think that you’ll like the direction the dev team is shifting for the next one.”

Consider me interested, Capcom.

via vg247