Leonardo DiCaprio’s Crotch Becomes Victim Of Photo Bombing Fad

Leonardo DiCaprio is a private Hollywood hunk who’s known to enjoy a string of relationships with his share of Victoria’s Secret models. What DiCaprio probably isn’t a huge fan of? Getting his crotch grabbed in public.

The crotch grab happened as part of a gag in the latest trend of crotch grab photo bombs from one very peculiar journalist. Apparently it’s not good enough to ruin a photo of someone by pulling a face in someone’s picture. Now the stakes are raised, and for Leonardo DiCaprio that meant his crotch had to fall victim to the latest trend.

It all went down at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, and surprisingly the crotch grab wasn’t done by a fan, but a journalist covering the red carpet for the gag. The Wolf of Wall Street star walked down the red carpet to screams by hundreds of fans, which at this point is expected, but then to DiCaprio’s surprise he felt himself being grabbed.

Ukrainian journalist Vitalii Sediuk lunged at DiCaprio, kneeled down, and fisted his hand for some of DiCaprio’s fine jewels. DiCaprio managed to keep composed as the man “hugged him” while grabbing the actor’s privates. From the video it looks like DiCaprio was trying to restrain him in a gentle manner while grasping what was going on.

Instead of attacking the random journalist, he simply put a hand on the man’s neck. DiCaprio didn’t get too much time with the crotch grabber as five people ran to get him off of the Wolf of Wall Street star. While the moment only lingered on for a few seconds, it took the coordination of DiCaprio’s teamsters before the journalist was carried out of the Santa Barbara Film Festival.

For those who are familiar with Sediuk, like Sacha Baron Cohen’s character Borat, Sediuk is well known for staging outrageous gags at these type of events. He’s the same man that dove into Bradley Cooper’s crotch at the SAG awards. While Cooper laughed it up and seemed to be generally confused, there was one star that wasn’t having it.

Some of you might remember when Will Smith slapped the journalist after he tried to kiss the actor at the Men In Black III premiere. Sediuk doesn’t stick to A-list Hollywood actors like Smith, DiCaprio and Cooper. He famously crashed Adele’s acceptance speech at last year’s Grammys too.

Although DiCaprio’s photo bomb incident might have been mildly embarrassing for the actor, we’re sure he’s not dwelling on it. After all The Wolf of Wall Street has just been named Martin Scorsese’s top-grossing film of all time. Not a bad thing at all.