Alex Bilodeau: Gold Medal Skier Inspired By Special Needs Brother [Video]

Alex Bilodeau is a two time gold medal freestyle skier. The 26 year-old is the pride of Canada when it comes to the slopes and he is adored by fans. But the only man to ever win back to back gold on the moguls says his inspiration comes from his brother Frederic, who has cerebral palsy.

Alex Bilodeau became a Canadian Winter Olympics favorite during the 2010 Vancouver games. He was the first Canadian athlete to win a gold medal in an Olympics hosted by Canada. His victory celebration was attended by over 20,000 people as his victory on the moguls gave inspiration to a nation. Just 22 at the time, the crowd would become acquainted with his inspiration soon enough.

It was during those Olympics that Alex’s brother, Frederic, became famous as well. The two would join one another after races to celebrate. When Alex wins, Frederic comes by his side and simply looks at his brother and says, “I love you Alex.” It is a special bond shared by the brothers, only two years apart.

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Entering the 2014 Sochi Olympics, the Canadian team was expected to do well in the moguls again. Alex Bilodeau would lead the way and hopefully bring home the gold again. On Monday, he completed the repeat, beating out fellow Canadian Mikael Kingsbury. As always, he was joined in celebration by his brother.

While it has been a difficult road to victory, as it is for any Olympic athlete, Alex says his brother Frederic is the real champion. Frederic was told he should not be able to walk after the age of ten. He is 28 years-old today and still walking.

“He lives his dreams through my eyes and for me it’s priceless to see that, to see his eyes just so big and so proud,” Alex said. “He’s worked hard. He’s encouraged me. He’s always been with me through those four years, working hard. He’s a big part of that.”

After these games, Alex will be retiring from competitive skiing to pursue a career in accounting. He has been studying for the last few years and looks forward to a future in the business world. Fans can know that as long as Frederic is cheering him on, Alex Bilodeau will always give his best.