Lady Gaga Gets Called ‘Lame’ By Azealia Banks

While Lady Gaga has a team of fans that she calls Little Monsters, that doesn’t mean Mother Monster herself doesn’t have a few haters. Gaga, who is known for her catchy tunes and for being a LGBT advocate, is facing a bit of heat from an unexpected person. The newest person to throw Gaga some heat is rapper Azealia Banks.

When Banks was asked who is the “Ursula” aka the “sea witch” of the rap game, the rapper surprisingly lists Gaga as Ursula, even though Gaga is a widely known pop artist that doesn’t rap in her songs.

“Gaga. She gets on my nerves and wants to steal my voice for sure. She’s too rich to be that lame.”

Although Lady Gaga has her fair share of haters, that doesn’t mean she’s letting them get in the way of her busy schedule. Currently, Lady Gaga is reportedly set to shoot her latest music video at Hearst Castle. Lady Gaga’s project, which has been described as “big,” is supposed to use the imagery in Hearst Castle in her latest music video.

According to a recent report, Remar Sutton, the board-member with the Hearst Castle Preservation Foundation, said of the supposed Gaga music video that was going down this week.

“What was wonderful from day one, her objective was to try and help things that were important to the foundation.”

Those who know Lady Gaga are aware that she supports art of all kind and has a habit of turning up at modern museums such as MoMA and LACMA. It’s being said that Gaga is donating $250,000 to the Hearst Castle Preservation Foundation to “help bridge the gap between what the place gets from the state and what’s needed to preserve the art.”

As for her latest music video, Lady Gaga has plans to shoot it in the castle’s Neptune Pool.

According to Sutton:

“Lady Gaga’s age group basically runs 18 to 24. A great group we want to get involved and not coincidentally, that’s the age group she’s interested in teaching about art. Her last video had 175 million showings. So we think it’s an extraordinary opportunity for Hearst Castle to be introduced all over the world.”

During the week, in addition to shooting her music video at Hearst, she will also be presenting the foundation with a pretty hefty check. It is said that while she is there, Gaga and her crew will take up 175 rooms for a total of five nights.