Kate Upton Isn’t The First To Get Fake Marriage Proposal From Orlando Magic

Kate Upton has a shiny new engagement ring — and it’s not from boyfriend Justin Verlander.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover model was taking in an Orlando Magic game with her boyfriend when the Magic’s mascot, Stuff, popped the question. It happened when Verlander disappeared momentarily, giving the mascot the small window he needed to swoop in and propose to Kate with a giant engagement ring.

Kate seemed to enjoy the unexpected proposal, tweeting about it after the game.

“Thanks @STUFF_mascot for the proposal tonight! Great game!,” Upton tweeted along with a picture of her flashing the ring.

Stuff tweeted back to Kate, noting that he was left hanging on the big question.

“She didnt say yes… and she didnt say no… so you’re saying there’s a chance!,” he replied.

While Kate Upton never gave a solid answer in return, Verlander seemed to find the whole sequence pretty funny.

“I was gone for 5 seconds!!” he tweeted, along with a dumbfounded picture.

Kate Upton isn’t the only one to get a famous marriage proposal at an Orlando Magic game. Back in 2005, the team made headlines when a man brought his girlfriend onto the court and asked her to marry him. Instead of a yes, the woman ran away crying.

The sequence ended up on ESPN’s SportsCenter and was an early viral video hit, but it was revealed a few days later that the team concocted the entire sequence as a marketing ploy.

There was no word on whether Kate Upton got a real proposal, but fans who attended Friday night’s game got a surprise of their own. The Magic, who at 16-37 are at the bottom of the Southeast Division, managed to pull of a major upset of the Oklahoma City Thunder — on a buzzer beating dunk, no less.