Ken Levine Explains Sky-Lines in BioShock Infinite

Irrational Games released a new video with Ken Levine breaking down the main mode of transportation in BioShock Infinite: sky-lines.

As Levine reveals in the video, the citizens of Colombia originally built the sky-lines as a mode of transportation. Naturally, a city high in the clouds with a lot of verticality to it needs something to transfer things – and people – to and fro.

The kids of Colombia found a more fun way to use the sky-lines, using them to pull off tricks and other shenanigans. When the city’s situation started to deteriorate, the sky-lines were primarily used for combat. By the time the player gets there, they’re used for all three: tricks, transportation and combat.

Levine also provides a little development background on the feature, admitting that sky-lines was probably the hardest thing for Irrational to get right. Going by the footage shown in the following video, it looks like they did just fine.

via Destructoid