Watch Baby’s Reaction To Meeting Her Dad’s Twin Brother For the First Time [Video]

A baby’s heartwarming reaction to meeting her dad’s twin brother for the first time has gone viral.

The wide-eyed, adorable baby does a double take — appropriate under the circumstances — as her father introduced her to her uncle. The video of encounter has notched about seven million hits so far.

It doesn’t take long before the baby bonds with her uncle, however.

The viral video also inspired much commentary across the internet.

For example, E!Online noted that “This little baby met her dad’s twin for the first time and it blew her mind. Understandably so. Because twins are as insanely weird and confusing to babies as seeing a clone would be to a fully grown adult. But the reaction is cuter when it’s a little baby.”

Mashable explained that “Consider this baby’s mind blown. When this chubby-cheeked little girl met her father’s twin for the first time, how was she supposed to react? Her frozen, wide gaze and several double-takes said it all. This was highly illogical. Dear old dad, mom and uncle couldn’t help but be amused. In the video, they do their best to tell the little girl that everything is fine. ‘Hey, there’s two of us, huh?’ says the uncle, smiling, while mom and dad laugh in the background. In the end, the little girl warms up to her newly met uncle, because any man who looks like her beloved daddy must be all right in her book.”

Commenting on this viral video, Gawker pointed out that “Being introduced to the concept of identical twins for the first time must certainly mess with the minds of little children, so you can just imagine what it would be like for a child if the first identical twin they meet is their father’s brother.”

Watch the video of the baby’s first-ever meeting with her father’s twin brother: