Thandie Newton Reveals Affair with Director John Duigan

Thandie Newton has confessed to an affair with a man that is 23 years her senior. Newton says she was only 16 years old when she became involved with Jon Duigan, the director of Thandie’s debut film Flirting.

“I was a very shy, very sweet girl. I wasn’t in control of the situation. Would I have liked things to be different? Sure. But I can now value myself more for the way I got through it. I don’t see myself as a victim,” said Newton to Instyle Magazine.

She regrets the affair but has moved past it. The Crash star revleaved that she was opening up about the affair in order to help those who are involved in similar situations to “resist and gain self-awareness.”

At this time Duigan, the Australian director who is now in his 60’s, has not confirmed or denied the allegations.

Check out the clip below of Newton in Flirting, the 1991 film which also starred Nicole Kidman and Noah Taylor.