Pharrell Williams Takes His Giant Hat Out On The Town In London [Photos]

Pharrell Williams definitely isn’t afraid to rock a giant hat.

The multi-talented producer caught the world’s attention when he wore an enormous brown ranger hat to the 2014 Grammy Awards. Not only did Williams find himself the subject of ridicule on Twitter, he also became the butt of a joke perpetrated by the folks at Arby’s.

If all the jokes got under Pharrell’s skin, then he isn’t letting them get him down. According to HipHopWired, Williams debuted a gray version of his famous hat while on a date with his wife in London.

Although Pharrell Williams’ wife decided to keep things casual by wearing jeans and a sweatshirt during their recent night on the town, the “Happy” singer wanted to leave an impression. It’s definitely hard to miss someone when they’re wearing a hat that large.

In addition to the gray variation of his oversized ranger hat, Williams wore a “shearling styled wool coat,” denim jeans, and a very nice pair of Timberlands. Curious readers can check out the producer in his eye-catching attire below.

For those who care, Pharrell Williams’ hat originally appeared in Vivienne Westwood’s Autumn Winter 1982-83 collection. Dubbed “Buffalo Girls,” the designer said the clothes were heavily inspired by “Peruvian women wearing bowler hats and full skirts, dancing with their babies tied on their back.”

While the Buffalo Hat managed to catch everyone’s attention at the Grammys this year, it wasn’t the first time Pharrell Williams sported the piece in public. According to Grazia Daily, he rocked the hat during a party at London’s Bathing Ape back in 2009.

Of course, social media wasn’t nearly as popular four years ago as it is today. Thanks to sites like Twitter and Instagram, Pharrell’s large hat became the talk of the internet. It also inspired some very interesting memes, though this one is by far one of the most amusing. In this writer’s humble opinion, that is.

What do you think about Pharrell Williams rocking his oversized hat while out with his wife in London? Are you surprised he has the hat in different colors?