John Elway: Denver Broncos Not Happy With Super Bowl ‘Butt-Kicking’

John Elway is a two time Super Bowl champion that also knows a little something about taking a Super Bowl beat down like his Denver Broncos did Sunday night. In the last team news conference of the season Tuesday, he shared his thoughts about the “butt-kicking” suffered at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks.

With a voice that sounded like he hadn’t stopped yelling since Sunday, John Elway sat at the microphone to rehash the 2013 season and the Super Bowl loss. One of the all-time great competitors, Elway played his entire NFL career with the Denver Broncos. He is the face of the organization and has been for years. Peyton Manning credits him with being one of the reasons he came to Denver.

Peyton also gave a little insight into what the former nine time Pro Bowler is like after a Super Bowl loss. “John pretty much laid it on us. He was not happy with that game,” Manning said. “It was a butt-kicking, whether it was preseason or regular season. He was just sharing his thoughts that that won’t be accepted under his reign as leader of this organization.” While that may sound a little dictator like, it is fully accepted in the Broncos locker room from the organizations obvious leader.

John Elway acknowledged in the news conference that the Broncos had an outstanding season. But he was very clear that no one in the organization was happy with how his team lost. He summarized his feelings by saying he would have rather lost on a last second field goal than the pummeling his team took.

There are many questions surrounding the upcoming 2014 NFL season for the Denver Broncos. Two of their most important offensive weapons this year, Knowshon Moreno and Eric Decker, become free agents. Most likely the team will not be able to keep both players, consider the size of Peyton Manning’s contract.

John Fox was being asked about personnel concerns going forward when John Elway interrupted, “the goal has not changed and will not change. We will use this as experience we went through (and) be disappointed that we didn’t play better. But the bottom line is, this organization — what Pat Bowlen wants from this organization — that has not changed. It will not change.” Always the quarterback and leader, Elway showed his support of his players.

Though it can’t console Broncos fans a whole lot, it should be encouraging that the people in charge are not just happy to be in the Super Bowl. John Elway knows what it takes to win one and he knows what it’s like to lose more than one. Don’t expect too many more Super Bowl butt-kickings for the Denver Broncos in the near future.