Firefox fanboys can now surf pr0n in private with everyone else

Yes folks, Firefox 3.1 beta 2 is out in the wild and you to can now safely surf through the minefield of porn without raising any suspicions of the better half. Doesn’t that just make you feel so much safer inside?

Of course that isn’t the only thing that Firefox is readying for the public release of 3.1. After all there is always a couple of more things that they can rip-off borrow from the other browsers.

Just like that fancy tab tearing off to create a new browser window thing that Chrome and Safari have been doing. Well now you will be able to do that as well in your spanky new version of Firefox 3.1

Yup colour me impressed. I just wonder if they’ve finally after all these years managed to kill the same memory bug that has plagued it since day one. But hey having safe porn browsing is more important – I guess.

So hurry up kiddies and head over to the Firefox site and get your copy before all the perv’s out there get what’s in stock.