Best Tablets On The Market? Samsung Galaxy Pro Release Date Set For February

In an attempt to produce the best tablets on the market, Samsung announced the release date of their much anticipated Pro series. Featuring the beefier and more expensive Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, Samsung is aggressively pursuing a stranglehold on the tablet market. Samsung, who unveiled their new Pro tablet line back in January at CES 2014, announced on Tuesday that the Galaxy Pro series release date will be February 13.

Joining the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 will be the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 and the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4. Samsung has made a significant jump in the tablet market over the last two years, which is becoming more and more saturated. Since December 2011, Apple’s dominance through its line of iPad products has continually dwindled. In the final quarter of 2011, iPad owned a staggering 51.4 percent of the market share on tablets. As Samsung has entered the playing field, that number has dropped to a still impressive yet drastically reduced 33.8 percent. In the same amount of time, Samsung has grown from 7.3 to 18.9 percent.

Choosing to make minor tweaks and focus mainly on aesthetics, the iPad line has lost ground when it comes to power. In a recent test performed by the British technology magazine Which?, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 outperformed the iPad Air in terms of speed. The upgraded Pro lineup is set to function much more like a true notebook in the form of a tablet. It even sports some amazing, multi-window features.

As tablet growth begins to slow for the commercial crowd, tablet makers find themselves jockeying for position to release the best tablets for professional use. New research by the International Data Corporation points to a plateauing of the exponential growth tablets have enjoyed over the last few year. Microsoft was the first company to really take a swing at the professional crowd with their Surface Pro series. Unfortunately, a buggy Windows 8 experience and poor market saturation has kept the software giant out of the tablet game. The iPad Pro has been hinted at, rumored, and speculated on for months now. Many are expecting an announcement this spring.

The reality in the tablet game has been that the first one to the table wins. And with Samsung’s release this February, they are the first major Apple competitor to offer something that can truly replace the laptop. All three tablets are available for pre-order now. The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 will cost either $849.99 (64GB) or $749.99 (32GB). The Tab Pro will cost $499.99 for the 10.1 inch or $399.99 for the 8.4 inch tablet. Samsung’s price points rival that of Apple, announcing to the world that they believe they have arrived.

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Ultimately, consumers will decide who has the best tablets on the market. Are you interested in a Samsung Galaxy Pro tablet?