Winter Storm Nika Weather Forecast: Expect Snow And Ice Across The US This Week

The weather forecast surrounding Winter Storm Nika has many preparing for more snow and ice in the Plains, Great Lakes and Northeast throughout this week. Many are still recovering from Winter Storm Maximus that dumped snow across the country this past weekend.

Weather forecasts have many shaking in their boots with a wide range of snow and ice predictions for the week. The Weather Channel reported that many social media sites and other websites have started claiming that an “epic winter storm is on the way late this week into the weekend.”

Wild predictions have been popping up since earlier last week when weather forecast rumors where saying that up to 20 inches of snow could be expected after Winter Storms Maximus and Nika finally move through.

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The Weather Channel reported that people can’t rely on specific snow and ice amounts forecast beyond 48 hours because they may not be entirely reliable.

“As a general rule of thumb, be wary of any specific forecast graphic or article with explicit snow/ice totals beyond two or three days from any website. There can be complexities and uncertainties – the interaction of upper-level disturbances aloft, the magnitude and depth of subfreezing air near the surface, and, most importantly, the track of the surface low pressure system – that numerical forecast models frequently disagree on beyond a couple of days from the event.”

Many people rely on long-term forecasting to help keep them ready for the weather to come. So what can citizens expect from Winter Storm Nika? Weather Channel‘s Chris Dolce stated that come Tuesday, the storm will “quickly shift from out of the Plains and head for the southern Great Lakes and Ohio Valley” and could bring widespread snow, sleet and freezing rain. Dolce did say that some cities could see more than six inches of snow.

“Tuesday night into Wednesday, this wintry mess will spread into the Northeast. Heavy snow is possible from Upstate New York into central and northern New England, with a wintry mix farther south.”

The Weather channel has stated that another late-week storm is in its forecast, and could impact areas already hit hard this winter. While they say some heavy snowfall and strong winds may accompany this late-week storm, they have encouraged readers to check back with them frequently to see how the weather forecast changes throughout the week.

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