LulzSec Sony Password Postings Reveal That Even Tech Users Still Use Lousy Passwords

When the hacker group LulzSec hacked the Sony customer database and posted the passwords for 37,608 users the first response from media was “they did it again” but a further look at those passwords reveals a more frightening fact, most users still don’t understand or take the time to create strong password strings.

For example, only 4% of all the passwords revealed had three or more character types (symbols, capital letters, etc), in fact more than 50% had just one character type, such as lower case words or letters, while 90% of those who used one character also only used lower case letters for their entire password.

The password data mining also revealed that less than 1% of all users have a least one non-alphanumeric character in their password.

Finally, many users who used Sony accounts for their entertainment network and gaming network used the same passwords for multiple accounts.

[Hacker News]