Lady Gaga Checks Out Britney Spears’ Show In Las Vegas [Video]

Lady Gaga recently paid a visit to Britney Spears’ show at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

The “Toxic” singer got the internet buzzing earlier this week when she issued a tweet about an upcoming meeting with Lady Gaga. Since Spears previously stated that she wouldn’t mind collaborating with Mother Monster on a song or two at some point in the near future, many believe that some sort of project was coming together.

Although there’s a possibility they could still join forces for a song down the road, Britney Spears was likely referring to Lady Gaga’s scheduled appearance at Planet Hollywood over the weekend. The “Applause” singer decided to check out her fellow pop star’s incredible elaborate stage show on Saturday evening (February 1).

To celebrate the occasion, Lady Gaga shared a pre-show photo on Twitter.

Since Lady Gaga’s appearance at the recent concert didn’t go unnoticed by the countless fans in attendance, it didn’t take very long for quite a few amateur videos featuring Mother Monster to pop up online. Someone seated near Lady Gaga at the show managed to catch her dancing to Spears’ performance.

Lady Gaga also made sure that Britney knew she was in the crowd last night. At one point during the set, the ARTPOP mastermind emerged from the audience to blow a kiss to the singer. If you need another angle, then there are plenty of alternatives on YouTube.

Of course, Lady Gaga isn’t the only pop star who recently ventured into the wilds of Las Vegas to catch Britney Spears do her thing on-stage at Planet Hollywood. Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez also caught Spears at the hotel and casino not too long ago.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Katy Perry caught Spears’ show back in December. Unfortunately for Britney, amateur video of the “Roar” singer during the performance suggested that she wasn’t nearly as impressed with the whole shebang as Cyrus.

Miley apparently had a blast at Spears’ show. Not only did she dance around wildly during the set, she also exchanged a kiss with one of Britney’s backup dancers. Wherever Cyrus goes these days, the girl tries to make some sort of impression.

If you need further proof that Lady Gaga checked out Spears’ show at Planet Hollywood this weekend, then have a look at his collage of photos.

Are you surprised that Lady Gaga decided to check out Britney Spears’ show in Las Vegas?