SMA Releases Updated Photovoltaic System Design Software

SMA America, the leading manufacturer of photovoltaic inverters and monitoring systems, just released an updated version of their popular PV design software, Sunny Design.

The new Sunny Design 2.0, created to assist solar installers and system planners visualize possible PV plant designs and quickly choose the optimum configuration, has multiple updates including the following:

  • An enhanced user interface
  • Inverter selections based on grid-connection voltage
  • Improved visualization of system performance characteristics
  • The ability to export user-defined modules and locations for exchange with other users.

“A successful PV project begins with optimal system configuration,” said Jurgen Krehnke, president and general manager of SMA America and president of SMA Canada. “The innovative Sunny Design 2.0 software saves solar installers and system planners valuable time while providing critical design data that helps them create a tailor-made solution for their customers.”

All of the traditional capabilities of version 1.57, such as high resolution meteorological data and cable dimensioning assistance, are said to have remained in tact.

To download a free copy of Sunny Design 2.0, head over to SMA’s website.

via SMA America