HTC Sensation Becomes Next Victim Of “Death Grip” Reception Issues

The HTC Sensation has become the newest device to fall victim to the dreaded “Death Grip” which was largely debated on the Apple iPhone 4. According to reports users lose the ability to connect via WiFi and Bluetooth when holding a flat palm alongside the back of the device.

According to reports the “flat palm” position fo the phone can cause 20 to 30 dBm to be dropped, causing major slow down speeds when uploading and downloading files and even the loss of those connections.

The phone is made out of aluminum and when combined with the Smartphones unibody design is believed to be the cause of the signal issues, the same issued witnessed on other unibody aluminum body designs from Apple and HTC, including the HTC Desire and Legend models.

HTC went after Apple during the iPhone 4 antenna issues and how the company is continually fighting the same type of claims, it will be interesting to see if sales are affected by this new report.

In the meantime here’s a video demonstrating the issue:

Have you had any reception issues on your HTC device? Let us know what type of antenna issues you have experienced.