Zayn Malik Opens Up About Everything From Tattoos To Farting

Zayn Malik recently decided to spill the proverbial beans about which One Direction member spends the most time breaking wind.

If you desperately need every little detail about the boy band that your head can possibly absorb, then you’ve certainly come to the right place. In addition to discussing his tattoos with the folks over at Top of the Pops magazine, Malik also gave fans an inside scoop into what goes on between one member’s cheeks.

In the spirit of providing high-brow entertainment, let’s tackle the farting first. While speaking to the publication, Zayn Malik took a moment to call out one of his bandmates for expelling a little too much methane into the atmosphere. The culprit: Niall Horan. Sorry if that bit of info ruins your fantasies about the guy.

“Niall farts the most out of everyone. They’re kind of bearable — or I might have become immune to them!” Malik explained. Never let it be said that One Direction boys take themselves too seriously these days.

Now that we have Horan’s gas issues out in the open, let’s move on to Zayn Malik’s tattoos. It’s no secret to the singer’s fans that he sports a lot of ink. In fact, the only member of One Direction who doesn’t have any tattoos to speak of is the aforementioned wind breaker.

Although the fans swoon whenever they catch a glimpse of Malik’s ink, his mother isn’t exactly a fan of what he’s done to his body. The singer admitted that mommy dearest doesn’t approve of her son’s habit of littering his skin with tattoos.

“Obviously mums don’t really like tattoos, and she’s a bit like, ‘When you’re older, what are you going to do?’ But I think when I’m an older bloke, they’ll still look cool,” Malik said.

The Inquisitr reported last November that the singer added the image of a gun to his growing collection of body art during a visit to the Shamrock Social Club in Los Angeles. If you haven’t seen a picture of the guy’s latest tattoo, then take a look at the image below.

One person who will definitely have to look at the singer’s tattoos as he gets older is fiance Perrie Edwards. The Little Mix singer and the One Direction heartthrob are expected to tie the knot in the very near future. If Edwards has it her way, then they’ll soon have a gaggle of children running around their house.

“I can’t wait to get married and have kids but it’s Little Mix at the minute. I want Little Mix to explode and be massive, then I think we’ll all settle down and get married and have kids and stuff like that. It’s going to be lovely, I can’t wait,” she said.

What do you think about all the information Zayn Malik recently coughed up?

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