David Guetta And Skylar Grey Debuts ‘Bang Bang’ Cover

Not all duets happen organically in the studio. Sometimes duets are born in sushi restaurants. If that isn’t weird enough, than take this one on for size. French house music producer David Guetta might have unintentionally made Skylar Grey’s first time meeting him a weirder experience, if that’s possible.

Skylar Grey opened up to Billboard magazine to discuss the beginnings of their collaboration for the song “Shot Me Down.” The Utah resident met up with the magazine to discuss the odd meeting that went down with David Guetta as part of the Sundance Film Festival coverage.

Guetta, who is responsible for huge hits such as “Without You” “Titanium” and “Turn Me On,” was familiar with the singer songwriter’s work, but according to Grey he had no idea what she looked like. To his surprise, Skylar Grey was a young and attractive woman, which is something Guetta made note of right away. Oddly enough, the producer didn’t shy away from publicly vocalizing his surprise either. When the two met up Grey said, “I guess he thought I was really unattractive and overweight. He’s like ‘oh, you’re not fat and ugly we can keep you on the song!'”

Although Skylar Grey was initially confused by his reaction to her looks, she wanted to move on from the potentially awkward situation with Guetta to get down to business. In terms of the initial backhanded compliment, Grey gave Guetta the benefit of the doubt. “I was like, you’re French, you’re forgiven. He’s actually really fun to work with,” said Grey.

Despite their awkward moment Skylar Grey and David Guetta wound up creating magic in the studio. Their cover is one that puts a new spin on the 1966 Cher classic, which was re-titled as “Shot Me Down.” Although Cher was most known for the original song “Bang Bang,” this version is said to take more musical cues from the Nancy Sinatra version.

Of the song, Skylar Gray said:

“That’s one of my favorite songs. It was really a cool thing to do. We worked on some other stuff, but who knows what will happen with that right now.”

In addition to her work with David Guetta, Skylar has also collaborated with Zedd for the popular song “Clarity.” Fuse caught up with the singer at the Grammys, who went to the show to support a nomination for the song. In addition to her music Grey said she might be working on her own clothing line.