Delta Air Lines Kicks It Old School With Radical, Retro ’80s Safety Video

Not ready to give up that Devo hat? Need an airline that will keep your mullet safe? Need to sure your Gibson Flying V will fit in the overhead compartment? Then keep climbing with Delta Air Lines and have a laugh at this humorous but informative ’80s-themed safety video.

Clearly looking for a way to get people to actually pay attention to the easily-tuned-out safety briefing, Delta has decided to grab your attention with something that’s both inane and clever, while still imparting all the important details of how not to die on an airplane. Fun and practical!

Be sure to keep the aisle clear of your side ponytail. If you feel you would be unable to perform the duties of those seated in an exit row, please Worm your way to another seat. In the event the oxygen masks, secure your own mask before helping ALF with his.

Thank you for choosing the Delta Safety Video. NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar invites you to please relax and hopes you enjoy your flight.