Anna Faris Wants The Seattle Seahawks To Win The Super Bowl [Video]

Anna Faris already has her favorite team picked out for Super Bowl XLVIII.

When Denver squares off against Seattle at the annual sporting event on Sunday (February 2), the Mom star will have her money on the Seahawks. Faris discussed her love of the team during a recent chat with Jimmy Kimmel. She also admitted that there will be quite a bit of alcohol at her upcoming Super Bowl party.

“I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of beer involved, knowing my family, so that’s always good. We have a little Seahawks jersey that we got for our baby son, Jack, and we lost it,” Anna Faris explained during her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The actress continued, “We were convinced that that meant [we jinxed the team] — because you know how you do, it becomes all about yourself. We ordered him a new one, so I think we’re looking good.”

Since Anna Faris wants to enjoy the Super Bowl as much as she possibly can, Parks and Recreation and Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt — who is also Faris’ husband — recently gave her some pointers. When Kimmel asked Faris how many points a team scores for a field goal, she was able to give the talk show host the correct answer.

“We’re pretty excited. I wish I could say that I was an educated football fan. I’m learning! I’m learning! Just this year, because of the Seahawks, my husband can tell me about two or three new rules a game that I can absorb. I have to write them down,” Faris explained.

When she isn’t getting a lesson about professional football from Chris Pratt, Anna Faris is busy with the Chuck Lorre-produced sitcom Mom. The Scary Movie alum stars alongside Allison Janney in the new series. Faris said last year that she originally had a hard time balancing work with being a new mom.

“I feel like I’m not qualified in any way to be a parent. But I’m loving it. I think that I’m going through that thing that all new parents feel which is just the guilt. Like I feel guilty for being here tonight, not cuddling him in bed,” Anna Faris explained.

During the same interview, the actress said Mom is pretty cutting edge for a sitcom. She added, “We’re going to places that I would never have expected us to go. Really, truly it feels like such a daring program. We deal with some heavy, heavy s***!”

What do you think about Anna Faris supporting the Seattle Seahawks during Super Bowl XLVIII? Which team do you want to see win the game?