Skateboarding Toddler Gives Skateboarding Cat A Run For Viral Glory

In a video that's sure to have Nervous Nellie child safety advocates doing backflips, this skateboarding toddler is taking the streets by storm and giving Didga, the skateboarding cat, a run for her money.

Er... cats don't have money. Fine, "cuteness," "fame," "cool points"... pick one!

Anyway, meet the dapper, diapered Kahlei Stone-Kelly, a two-year-old from Australia, who looks to be doing kick flips before naptime in the very near future. ITN's Sophie Foster reports the talented toddler hails from a line of skatebaord enthusiasts and has been at it since he was 6-months-old, before most of his contemporaries would have been walking.

What do you think the skateboarding toddler will master first, the toeflip or toilet training?