Manchester United Manager David Moyes Warns Underperformers, Promises To Buy Best Players

Manchester United manager David Moyers fired a double-edged warning to his underperforming players, saying that he is prepared to hire the best players and they soon will find themselves without a job if things don’t change.

The dire warning comes just as Man U’s newest addition, Spanish footballer Juan Mata — who came from Chelsea — joins the English club and is ready to make his debut against Cardiff on Tuesday.

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Moyes has clearly lost his patience with poor performances, after Manchester United’s disastrous first half of the season and told reporters in no uncertain terms:

“I am not going to accept it.”

“I am disappointed we are not in a much stronger position. I am disappointed with how we have played and I, ultimately, take the rap for that.”

“But what I will do is make it right. I am going to get better players in.”

“Unfortunately, I don’t think there will be more in January. But it will change.”

The recent loan of Anderson to Fiorentina along with the soon-to-be departed Wilfried Zaha, Rio Ferdinand, and Fabio only confirm Moyes’ intentions on following on his warning. Nemanja Vidic and full-back Patrice Evra also have a dark cloud hanging over them.

But the list of players in danger of being axed doesn’t stop there. Moyes also has Alexander Buttner, Nani, Ashley Young, and Javier Hernandez on his “black list” of potential former Man U stars.

So it looks like a complete overhaul is in order for Manchester United, one of Europe’s oldest soccer clubs.

David Moyes believes that Juan Mata is an important piece of the puzzle in this new chapter for the English club, which currently stands in seventh place in the Premier League.

“The message this sends is that we’re going for all the best players in the world at Manchester United and Juan is one of those players. He’s a top Spanish player, a top Premier League player and if you asked any Premier League supporter, no matter what club they support, they would be an admirer of Juan.”

“I’ve got a big job to do here and a couple of new signings isn’t all that’s needed. There’s a bigger job to be done but you have to start somewhere.”

Manchester United’s manager admits he is in desperate need of a central fielder, as Mata — who signed a deal worth £37.1 million (approximately $61 million) — is not the answer to all of the problems facing David Moyes at the moment.

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