Fight Breaks Out On Egyptian TV Cooking Show [Video]

Things got hot on an Egyptian TV cooking show when a guest cook attacked host Noha Abdeen.

Assuming this sequence was not staged, apparently the guest cook was pranked when someone — perhaps Abdeen — tampered with the food that she had prepared.

According to Al Aribiya News, “Egyptian TV host Noha Abdeen was hit by her guest cook after a seemingly harmless prank got out of control. Abdeen, who added vinegar to the dish to tease her guest, was hit on air by the chef after an argument in which the two ladies exchanged insults.”

On camera, Abdeen denied that she was responsible, responding “Do not acccuse me of someting I did not do” according to the translation that accompanies the video embedded below.

In the video, the aggravated guest cook tells Abdeen that “Little girl, I swear to God I am going to pull off your hair.” The male chef on the set is not much help in cooling things off during the altercation, encouraging the guest cook to “go ahead; no will will stop you.” Again, if the subtitles are accurate, the chef is heard encouraging the guest to throw a plate of food at Abdeen’s face. Later in the video, the guest cook threatens to punch Abdeen.

During the argument, the two contentious women start “dishing” about such things like the relative merits or demerits of coming from a slaughterhouse or being raised by maid instead of parents and whether the host is a coward. Things begin to escalate, and the guest cook starts chasing the visibly rattled host around the kitchen island until she drags Abdeen to the floor by on the hair. At that point, crew members in the studio finally step in and separate the women.

The incident was reportedly broadcast on a weekly show called Felfel Shata (“peper hot sauce”) which airs on Egyptian satellite TV channel Al Hayat 2.